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Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety, City of Chicago, IL
By the City of Chicago, Human Resources
Feb 20, 2018 - 5:04:54 PM

Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety

City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG)

On October 15, 2016, the Chicago’s City Council passed legislation related to public safety and police accountability.1 The legislation established a new section dedicated to police and police accountability oversight and review headed by a Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety. The primary goals of the Public Safety section (PS) are to enhance the effectiveness of the Chicago Police Department (CPD), the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), and the Chicago Police Board; to increase public safety, promote constitutional policing practices that safeguard individual civil liberties and civil rights; and ensure the accountability of the police force, thus building stronger police-community relations. To achieve these goals, PS will provide rigorous, independent, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the CPD, COPA, and the Chicago Police Board through inspections, evaluations and reviews conducted in accordance with the Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General issued by the Association of Inspectors General (Green Book), and will make recommendations for improvements and reforms. The PS section is within the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG). PS will have dedicated a management team constituted of three section chiefs and an associate general counsel, a staff of 17 dedicated performance analysts, audit investigators, and administrative personnel, as well as significant, integrated operational support from OIG’s data analytics, legal, and communication and outreach functions.

OIG is one of the nation’s premier independent municipal oversight bodies with statutory responsibility to vigorously root out and prevent misconduct, waste, and inefficiency in City operations. OIG oversight functions, including the new PS function, are carried out by a staff of 97 employees with a wide array of professional skills and experience and an annual operating budget of approximately $8.9 million.

OIG’s jurisdiction extends to most individuals working for or in connection with City government, including elected and appointed officers of the City and City Council, City employees, licensees, specified sister agencies, and contractors, subcontractors, and business entities seeking to do business with the City of Chicago which enters Fiscal Year 2018 with approximately 36,000 employees, including about 12,500 sworn police officers, and a $10 billion annual budget.


TITLE: Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety

LOCATION: Employees must be a resident of the City of Chicago upon commencement of employment, with limited (three month) exception available through a formal residency waiver procedure. Proof of residency is required at the commencement of employment or the end of an approved waiver period, per Section 2-152-340 of the Municipal Code of Chicago


• Oversee and direct, with a management team constituted of three section chiefs and an associate general counsel, a staff of 17 dedicated performance analysts, audit investigators, and administrative personnel to ensure effective oversight of the police and the police accountability system

• Provide the strategic vision and objectives for PS and day-to-day supervisory leadership, coordination, and guidance for the work of the PS management team
• Serve as a lead liaison for the office related to police and police accountability oversight matters with elected officials, community organizations, and residents
1 Full legislation found here: Ordinance.pdf

• Address community groups and inform the public on the mission, policies, and ongoing operations of the team

• Serve as lead and decision-maker authority respecting matters of PS policy, practice, and operation, and additionally, provide quality control and keep other section heads and the IG informed about project progress, status, and issues, in consultation with the IG

• Oversee and direct inspections, evaluations and reviews of: operations, policies, procedures, and practices of the Police Department, COPA, and the Police Board to increase public safety, promote constitutional policing practices that safeguard individual civil liberties, and increase the public’s confidence in the police force

• Analyze and evaluate the results of COPA and Police Department actions – including individual investigations and data sets representing multiple investigations – to identify trends and make recommendations to improve future investigations to ensure they are complete, objective, and fair

• Make appropriate recommendations to the Police Superintendent and other relevant City departments and agencies relating to the police and police accountability operations, policies, programs, and practices

• Issue written reports of inspection, evaluation and review findings and recommendations, as well as an annual report that summarizes its reviews and recommendations adopted during the prior calendar year. All reports shall present factual data accurately, fairly, and objectively

• Provide counsel and guidance to the Inspector General and other office senior management on any police and police accountability oversight issues affecting the office

• Work in close collaboration and consultation with other OIG senior management to achieve strategic and operational objectives and to ensure initiatives of PS are effectively executed by shared resources

• Serve as one of the Inspector General’s senior advisors and assist with strategic decisions and planning related to all office matters impacting the mission of the office

Additional details about duties and responsibilities are outlined in the ordinance (see footnote on previous page).


MINIMUM EXPERIENCE: Seven years of experience, with at least three years management
experience in: (a) corporate and/or governmental auditing or investigations, (b) government oversight, and/or (c) criminal, civil rights, or labor law

EDUCATION: Graduate degree

EXCLUSIONS: The Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety cannot be a current or former employee of the Chicago: Police Department, Independent Police Review Authority, Civilian Office of the Police Accountability, or Police Board


• Government. Knowledge of state/county/municipal government;

• Law enforcement oversight. Experience in law enforcement oversight – particularly of internal investigations of wrongdoing and use of force – and a commitment to the need to protect basic constitutional rights of all affected parties;

• Audit. Experience ensuring compliance with established internal control procedures by examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentation, and communicating audit findings/recommendations through written reports;

• Data analysis. Experience in identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in large and/or complex data sets;

• Community relations. Experience in community relations and outreach with the demonstrated ability to build strong, yet independent working relationships with diverse constituents and community representatives;

• Leadership. Experience showing integrity, professionalism, sound judgement, and leadership. Candidates who’ve shown forward-thinking, detail-orientation, and motivational leadership will be prioritized;

• Management. Knowledge of organization and management practices and methods, including goal setting, program development and implementation, employee supervision, personnel management, employee relations, team building, budget development and financial management;

• Collaboration. Experience collaborating with senior executives, staff, and diverse groups/individuals to achieve goals; and

• Cultural sensitivity. Knowledge of and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and orientations.


TERM: The Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety (DIG-PS) term shall commence upon his approval by the City Council, and shall continue for the remaining term of the Inspector General. The DIG-PS may be removed only for cause in accordance with Section 2-56-280 of the ordinance.

ANNUAL SALARY: Up to $151,368

INSTRUCTIONS: To apply for this job, do NOT use the City of Chicago online application.
Please send a résumé and cover letter to

DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted through March 30, 2018.

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